All you need to Know About Longan Fruit

All you need to Know About Longan Fruit

All you need to Know About Longan Fruit

About   longan

in this article, I’m going to tell you about All you need to Know About Longan Fruit

  • Order  –    Sapindales
  • Family –   Sapindaceae
  • Genus – Dimocarpus  Lever
  • Species  – Dimocarpus longan
  • Motherland – China to India area
  • Other names – Dragons eye, Eyeball
  • Fruit type – fleshy
  • Small greenish-brown colour fruits
  • Round or ovule shape
  • Have one seed and fresh fruit
  • Have conventional smell and taste
  • Front weight is 2g-8g

Nutrition  content 

  • Energy                      60%
  • Water                       83%                            
  • Thiamin                   0.04mg
  • Iron                           0.13g
  • Riboflavin                0.07mg 
  • Myosin                     0.6mg
  • Ascorbic acid           84mg
  • Fiber                         1.1g
  • Protein                     1.6g

Longan plant

  • It is dicotyledon  plant
  • It has many green colour leaves
  • longan plant is an evergreen plant
  • Fruits bearing on  branches

Longan   flower

All you need to Know About Longan Fruit
  • Flower are light yellow colour
  • Small  round shape flower
  • Bearing a large amount  of fruits in one time
  • Flowers are very attractive for bees and butterflies


All you need to Know About Longan Fruit
  • growth in dry zone forest.
  • Longan is a natural growing plant.
  • Elevation -750m
  • Not cultivated as a crop
  • Cannot seen garden growing

Longan   yield

  • Flowering in March and  April  month
  • Bearing in September month
  • Not bearing every year
  • Longan harvesting after brake the branches
  • Can get large number of fruits in one time

Uses of Longan Fruit

  • As a very tasty fruit
  • Sri Lankan use only as a  fresh fruit
  • Use as dry fruit  in China and  Thailand
  • Separate and preserve pulp as commercial product
  • Have imported valve

Pests and Diseases

Diseases of longan

  • Longan witches broom                                                                                                                                     
  •  There are many branches that have a one plate-like as  broom casual organism  -phytoplasma virus
  • Difficult to  control witches broom

Pests of longan


       Egg laying and eat plant parts of larvae and pupa .

2.Fruit fly (Bactocera dorsalis )

       Egg  Laying of  fruit and larvae damage to fruit

3.White mite

       Their  saliva toxic to the trees shoot   

Control the pest and disease

  • Bagging the fruit

        Not only abates  fruit bores but it also limits the need for synthetic  chemical

  • No damage to natural enemies
  • Doing IPM practices

Value-added products of longan

01. Ultimate blood building snack – It is useful for blood problems

02. Pack of dry longan

03. Longan syrup tin

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