Bael Cultivation (Full Guide)

Bael Cultivation (Full Guide)


in this article, I’m going to tell you about the Bael Cultivation

  • Family:   Rutaceae
  • Genus:   Aegle
  • Species:   Marmelos
  • Scientific Name:   Aegle marmelos
  • Local Name:   Beli 
  • English Name:  Bael Fruit
  •  Other Names: Bengal quince, Golden apple, Stone apple, Japanese bitter orange
  • Tree: 6-8 meters in height tree
  • Leaves: Alternate
  • Flowers: Greenish white colour fragrance      flower
  • Fruits: Round shape fruit
  • Seeds: Numerous seeds
  • Wood: Strongly aromatic

Origin And Distribution

  • Origin: Woody Tree Native In India
  • Distribution: Now Naturalized In,

Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand And Most Of the Southeastern Asian Countries


  • A therapeutic boon of human health
  • Rich in vitamins, protein and carbohydrate
  • Energy booster
  • Regulates blood sugar level
  • Reduce skin problems
  • A natural antidote to free radicals
  • Control cholesterol
  • To prevent piles

Bael Varieties

  • Bael Pant Sujata 
  • Bael Pant Shivam
  •  NB – 5
  •  NB – 7
  •  NB – 9
  • Pant Aparna
  • Pant Urvashi
  • CISH B – 1
  • CISH B – 2


  • Usually, propagate by seeds
  • And also use micropropagation
  • Grafting 


Agronomic And Special Management Practices


Pits of 90cm*90cm*90cm

 Planting Distance

  •    Budded plant 8m*8m
  •    Seedlings 10m*10m

  Nutrient management

   Apply recommended fertilizer

  • P2O5
  • K2O
  • FYM

Water management

  • The plant needs to care for the water
  • Basin and drip irrigation can be used for bael cultivation

Training and pruning

  • Provide stakes for young plant
  • Removing the top of the main stem at a height of about 1m
  • Pruning in bael is normally not done 

Pest And Disease Management


Lemon Butter Fly


Apply neem seed extract  

Bael Fruit Fly


  • Use pheromone traps
  • Leaf eating  caterpillars, Termites


  • Powdery mildew 
  • Fruit canker
  • Fruit rot

Physiological Disorders

  • Fruit drop and cracking.
  • Main problems before ripening


  • Maintaining proper moisture minimize cracking

Chilling injury

Water soaked spot on leaves, fruits and other parts of tree


  •  spray streptomycine sulphate

Harvesting, Ripening and Storing

  • Bael is cliometric fruit
  • Fruit takes around 8-10 months to mature and 10-12 months for ripening after fruit set
  • Change in skull colour from dark green to yellowish-green it is maturity index 
  • Mature fruit is harvested individually with 5cm fruit stalk
  • Yield 300-400 fruit/ tree/ year
  • Normally harvested bael fruits can be stored 2 weeks at 300c

Value Added Products

Bael Juice, Belimal Tea, Bael Pulp, Nectar, Bael Vine, Bael  Swaras, Bael Syrup, Dried and Sliced Bael, Candy, Bael Powder, Murabba etc

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