Cultivation of Cucumber (Complete Guide)

Cultivation of Cucumber (Complete Guide)


in this article, I’m going to tell you about the Cultivation of Cucumber

  • Botanical name: Cucumis Satires
  • Family: Cucurbitaceae

Botanical Features

  • Leaf type – simple hairy leaves
  • Leaf arrangement- Alternate
  • Flower petal colour – yellow
  • Stamen number – 03
  • Fruit type – flesh
  • Tendrils – stem bears branch


Cultivation of Cucumber

Soil requirements

  • Well rain soil rich in organic matter
  • pH 5.4 – 7.5
  • Crop is sensitive for water lagging conditions

Field establishment and cultural practices

Seed requirement – 1Kg/ha

Land Preparation

  • Plough the land to a depth of 20 -30cm
  • Work to a Medium tilth
  • Make planting holes


  • Mono cropping 1*1m
  • Mix cropping with okra – 120 * 90cm
  • Incorporate well-decomposed organic  matter – 3Kg/ha
  • Add basal fertilizer mixture 2 – 3 days before sowing seeds
  • Mix with soil and the heap to about 10cm above ground

Field establishment

Saw the seeds (3-4 seeds/hole) in 2-3cm, water properly

Other cultural practices


Irrigate daily until germination complete. thereafter irrigate based on the environmental conditions and crop water need. Use a straw mulch to suppress weeds as well as for quality fruits. take care to not submerge vines. It cause rotting of fruits and vines

Fertilizer application

TD1(4WAP)75 60
TD2(8WAP)75 60


Although trellising gives quality fruits, better shape and cleaner fruits. LY58 is usually allowed to trail on the ground. Inverted“ V” shape trellis can be used

Thinning out

Two weeks after germinating remove excess plants while keeping two healthy plants per hole

Weed management
weeding is necessary until crop cover the ground. Do hand weeding. Use straw mulch to suppress weeds as well as for quality fruits


Pollination is done by bees. Male flowers appear first. High temperature and long day period suppress appearing of female flowers


Conserve soil moisture, increase fruit size and quality, weed management

Pest and Diseases

Cultivation of Cucumber

Pest control

Cucurbit fly (fruit fly) – Larvae damage to the fruit

Control – use pheromone traps, covering of fruits with straw, affected pods, use recommended insecticides – Fenthion 50%, protein bait

Aulacophora – Adult has done damage to the flowers and leaves. Larva is damage to the roots at seeding stage. Reduce photosynthetic area

Control – sphingoid

Epilagna – adult and larvae damaged to the leaves

Control – remove by hand

Aphids and whitefly – act as a vector for CMV

Control – imidacloprid 70% WG

Red mite – reduce leaf colour due to sucking of sap

Control – Abamectin

Disease control

Powdery mildew and Downey mildew – defoliate leaves when damage is high

Control – Mancozeb

Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) – leaves get curly appearance. Reduce flowering, deformed fruits

Anthracnose – damage to all parts of the plant. yellow colour watery spots appear on the leaves. Later patches will enlarge with a small hole in the centre. Sunken watery patches on the fruits

Soft rot – rotting of fruits which touch the soil

Harvesting and Post Harvest operations

Cultivation of Cucumber

Harvesting indices

  • Immature fruits. Seed should not be matured, fruits reach into characteristic colour. Harvesting can be done 45 -55 days after planting
  • Method – Cut the fruit stalk by using a sharp knife
  • Potential yield – 20 25 t/ha
  • Harvesting  times by reducing harvesting interval can be obtained high yield

Post Harvest Handling

After harvesting can keep  10-14 days without reducing the equality

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