How to Grow Pumpkins at Home

How to Grow Pumpkins at Home


How to Grow Pumpkins at Home

in this article, I’m going to show you How to Grow Pumpkins at Home

  • Botanical name – Cucurbita maxima
  • Family – Cucurbitaceae



  • Well-drained sandy loam with high organic matter content
  • pH 5.5-7.5


  • Can be grown in dry and intermediate zone
  • It can be cultivated up to 500m from the mean sea level

Seed rate – 1kg/ha

Spacing – 3×3m

Fertilizer recommendation

TD1 (4WAP)75 60
TD2 (8WAP)75 60

Field establishment

  • Select the suitable land for pumpkin cultivation
  • Then clear the land by removing weeds
  • Ploughing and Harrowing by selected land
  • Make draining e system level the land and make plant beds
  • Prepare planting holes according to the recommended spacing
  • Size of hole –(30×30×30)cm
  • Incorporate organic manure and basal dressing of chemical fertilizer mixture 2-3 days before planting
  • Well mix with soil and fix the hole by making small heap
  • Put 3-4 seeds per hole
  • Thing out excess plant 2 weeks after germinating keep 2 healthy seedlings per hole

Pests and Diseases


Cucurbit fly/Melon fly

Control – pheromone trap, fruit covering, protein bate


Mosaic virus – curling leaves, yellow and green leaves

Control – destroy affected plants, burning affected plants, destroy vector

Powdery Mildew

  • Highly infected due to high temperature
  • White colour fungal spores can be seen on both sides of the leaves

Control – apply fungicide, field sanitation, crop rotation, seed treatment

Downey mildew

  • Highly spread during rainy seasons
  • Yellow coloured conical shape patches appear on leaves later turn to brown colour

Control – apply fungicide

Soft rot

  • Bacteria and Fungi
  • Soft rot appear on fruit surface and colour region


  • Improve drainage conditions
  • Improve aeration
  • Apply recommendation fungicide

Harvesting and Post-Harvest Operations

How to Grow Pumpkins at Home
  • Harvesting should be done when powdery  texture appeared on the fruit surface
  • Average yield 15-25 tons/ha

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