The No-Fail Guide to Grow Avocados

The No-Fail Guide to Grow Avocados

The No-Fail Guide to Grow Avocados


in this article, I’m going to tell you about The No-Fail Guide to Grow Avocados

  • Avocado is one of the most popular fruit crops grown and consumed in Sri Lanka.
  • It is also a commonly grown fruit in home gardens of the wet zone of the country.
  • The avocado is a climacteric fruit.
  • Avocado trees are partially self-pollinating. 
  •  Avocado trees are often propagated through grafting to maintain predictable fruit quality and quantity. 
  • Kingdom:- Plantae 
  • Order:- Laurales
  • Family:-Lauraceae
  • Genus:-Persea 
  • Scientific name:-Persea Americana

Recommended Varieties

  • Simmonds
  • Florida
  • Purple Variety                                                
  • Fuerte
  • Booth-7


  • As a human food 

Examples:-  Avocado ice cream, Avocado drink, Avocado oil, Avocado chocolate

  • Avocado chocolate
  • To produce cosmetic items
  • As a medicine

Examples:-1.Osteoporosis prevention: Avocado provides vitamin K.It essential for bone health. Vitamin K can support bone health by increasing calcium absorption.

2.  Great for vision

Avocados contain lutein and zeaxanthin. That phytochemicals are protected eyes from the ultraviolet light. 

3.Lower risk of depression

Foods containing high levels of folate may help to decrease the risk of depression because folate helps to prevent up of homocysteine. 

Cultural  practices

 The No-Fail Guide to Grow Avocados

Land preparation 

  • Size of planting hole


  • 2 weeks before planting hole should fill compost.
  • 2 days before planting added recommended fertilizer mixture.
  • Spacing:-  (6.5×8)m or (8×8)m 
  • 60-80 plants need for 1acre.
  • Planting season is based on the rainfall pattern of the area. 

Fertilizer application

 Urea  Rock phosphate  MOP  
2 days before planting  115  230  105  
6 months after planting  60  115  55  
12 months after planting  60  115  55  
After every year  60  115  55  

Training and Pruning 

  • Training and pruning is not an adapted practise in home gardens. In large scale cultivations, however, training and pruning are adopted, as they give closer spacing (8×8)m to allow maximum coverage of land.
  • As a first step in pruning, the main stem is cut back at a height of 60 cm from the ground.
  • A maximum of 3 -4 healthy lateral branches are allowed around the trunk and the rest removed.
  • 3 years after planting, the basic framework is developed with a modified central leader system.
  • After bearing commences, no pruning is affected. 
  • In addition, all weak branches and diseased shoots are removed annually.  

Weeding and Mulching 

  • Clean weeding is not recommended as any damage to the root system can accelerate phytophthora infection.
  • Mulching also important to prevent moisture content.


  • Avocado is grown as a rainfed crop. As a result of this avocado undergoes two major water stress period from January to April and July to September.
  • In that period should pay much attention to irrigation.
  • In a commercial farm can use hose irrigation or drip irrigation methods.  

Pests & Diseases control

  • Main diseases affect avocado
  • Root rot
  • Scab
  • Canker 
  • Main pests attack for avocado
  • Shoot hole borer
  • Fruit fly                                     
  • Post-harvest diseases
  • Anthracnose
  • Stem-end rot


  • Fruits are harvested using a picking – pole attaching a net bag to prevent falling of fruits during harvesting.
  • Fruit should be harvested in mature size. Premature harvesting results in poor quality fruits with very high post-harvest losses.
  • Polysacks are used to pack and transport avocados. 

Post harvesting methods

  • Fruits should be packed in a cardboard box.
  • Avocado can store in 7-10 days in room temperature.
  • Can store in 20-28 days in 120c.
  • Before send to the market fruits should dip in a fungicide solution to reduce fruit rot.  

Value-added products

The No-Fail Guide to Grow Avocados
  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate
  • Avocado oil                                 
  • Avocado drink

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